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"You must first believe in YOU!"

Hey, Jackie Aellen here coming to you from Alberta, Canada. I am a Home Business Owner, success coach & mom. The quote you see above is one I live by. If you can’t first believe you can achieve something then you are fighting a downward battle!

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Apple Pie A La Mode
March 18, 2016

Who loves Apple Pie?   Well it’s time to have pie for breakfast with this yummy recipe!  Today I made it for the very first time and I will experiment with it a little but I can tell you it was delicious as is.  I believe it will be a fabulous recipe to use for […]

Shamrock Shake
March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I woke up this morning and decided that I needed to step out of the comfort zone of my normal morning smoothie and be a little adventurist I mean after all it is St. Patrick’s Day and I have no plans for hitting any pubs at all today for Green Beer […]

5-Day Life-Reset Detox Challenge
January 11, 2016

LOOKING FOR A QUICK, NATURAL, SAFE, & EFFECTIVE WAY TO CLEAN YOUR COLON AND LIVER FROM TOXINS AND PROCESSED FOODS? This 5-Day Life-Reset Detox Challenge* will not only flush your system of impurities, but will also aid in weight loss and overall health. It is basically a modified vegetable fast with intensive nutrient support to help heal […]

5 Day Life Reset ~ Preparation Day
January 4, 2016

As I have mentioned on FB and in a previous post, I am embarking on my first ever 5 Day Life Reset Challenge using products from Shaklee.  The Shaklee 180 Kick Start is a 5 day detox designed to reboot your body. In short it rejuvenates, energizes and removes the toxic junk from your body. It […]

I Hope You Make Mistakes
January 4, 2016

Welcome to the first Motivational Monday of 2016! As we enter into the new year, we need to realize that we WILL make mistakes.  It is in these mistakes that we gain the greatest knowledge and we are given the opportunity to learn from our mistakes.  You will never be able to stretch yourself and […]

Strip & Shake To A New You in 2016
December 31, 2015

  You’re invited to…  Who says a New Year’s resolution has to be all work and no play? We’re throwing out the theory that January is a month dedicated to deprivation and strict self-control. Actually, we’re throwing out the idea of a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ altogether and turning it around…you’re not working on making 2016 […]

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