Strip & Shake To A New You in 2016
December 31, 2015


You’re invited to… 2927_904343781333_3033773785961296712_n

Who says a New Year’s resolution has to be all work and no play? We’re throwing out the theory that January is a month dedicated to deprivation and strict self-control. Actually, we’re throwing out the idea of a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ altogether and turning it around…you’re not working on making 2016 better. You’re working on building a healthier, happier YOU. For life.

It’s time to ring in the New You.

From now until January 1st of 2016, you can join in on a clinically-proven holistic health program that is so much better than yo-yo dieting. Forget calorie counting, punishing yourself for indulging in holiday goodies, or spending hours at the gym every day to work off that extra helping of pumpkin pie. (Note this program can be started at any time so if you like what you see and it is past Jan 1st we can still get you started!)

Using a simple daily regimen we call the ‘Strip and Shake,’ you’ll be able to jump-start a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable. AND you’ll have a community of experienced health professionals and enthusiasts guiding you through your biggest questions and your personal health hurdles. This is not something you can find on Google; this is personalized, customized and convenient. We teach you how to feed and nourish your body properly. You transform from the inside, out. And THAT’S something to celebrate.  Below is the Canadian Product Options however we also have amazing Life Plan Options for US Customers so if you are form the USA and are interested please send me an email to and I will get your the American options.





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