5 Day Life Reset ~ Preparation Day
January 4, 2016

As I have mentioned on FB and in a previous post, I am embarking on my first ever 5 Day Life Reset Challenge using products from Shaklee.  The Shaklee 180 Kick Start is a 5 day detox designed to reboot your body. In short it rejuvenates, energizes and removes the toxic junk from your body. It gives you a kick start to clean eating and/or losing fat. 

Reset your cravings, feel energized and maybe even lose a few pounds without going hungry, workouts or cooking.  It is natural, safe and it works.  I  have never done this before however I know many who have an swear by the occasional cleaning out.  No one is perfect so being January, this is a great time to start fresh!  The Shaklee 180 Kick Start Detox should help my body let go of the junk it wants to hold on to and it is super easy to follow however it does take a little advance planning.

I started my preparations yesterday with a trip to the grocery store where we visited only 2 (ok maybe 3) isles; produce, dairy & frozen.  The idea was load up our fridge with lots of fruit and veggies so that we could create many flavors of Shaklee 180 Smoothee’s and have guilt free snacks on hand.    When I got home I stated to work on one of my favorite way to add veggies to our Smoothee’s, Green Cubes!!  What are Green Cubes?  Basically it is an easy way to add green veggies to your diet and I like to make them into ice cubes that can be convenient and easy to add to a Smoothee in a hurry!

Here is how I made them:

  1. Gather Ingredients
    • Kale
    • Spinach
    • Mint (never added this before but it was pretty & green & smelt delightful)
    • Limes
    • Bananas
  2. Wash all Greens
  3. Arrange Greens in Food Processor, squeeze juice from a Lime & add in 1-2 peeled bananas
  4. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze overnight.
  5. Store in freezer and add 1-2 cubes to any Smoothee.
  6. ENJOY!!

See wasn’t that easy?  Now I had big hopes of cleaning and prepping all the other vegetables we bought however let`s be real…I ran out of day and with the kids returning back to school today after the holidays I knew I needed to table that project for today as I had a million other projects like laundry to get done.

For those of you who are wondering what exactly the 5 Day Life Reset looks like, here is what we are aiming to consume for the next consecutive 5 days:

Reset Detox Outline

I will take a few moment every day and outline just how the day really went and what I did consume.  I also will include how I am feeling each day as I have been warned that sometimes you feel worse before you feel better because lets face it, all the junk and toxins need to get out somehow and that may not always be pretty!  Oh and I forgot to mention one very important details.  I am not doing this alone, my husband Andrew is joining me on this detox and at the completion of our 5 Days I will be returning to my normal regime of the Shaklee Vitalizing Plan while Andrew will be focusing more on our full weight loss program as he has a few pounds and inches he needs to lose!

So here goes nothin’…wish us luck and check out out progress throughout the next 5 days!

  • If you ever want to try a 5 Day Life Reset of your own feel free to contact me as there is likely a support group somewhere on FB that I can help connect you with and if not I can be here to support you.

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